What is brewlytics?

brewlytics is a self-service data analytics platform that enables analysts to solve and automate their organization’s most challenging data problems. Without writing a line of code brewlytics empowers analysts to intuitively capture their data processing workflows and expose their results through custom Web-based dashboards to decision makers. brewlytics is a tool that enables users to


their daily activities into executable ‘models’


previously manual tasks into automated workflows

Reuse and improve

upon existing


their tradecraft with

What Does It Do?

With brewlytics you can automate the tedious processes that you use to get insights from your data. When you’re done setting up your workflow you can expose it through our dashboard creation tool. brewlytics is more than an application – it is an Ecosystem.

With brewlytics You Can…

Query data from a myriad of
disparate databases

Filter and
manipulate results

Perform geospatial, temporal, tabular,
and many other types of calculations

Blend and join
datasets together

Output your data to virtually any
third-party tool

How It Works

The brewlytics Functional

  • A Functional is a single step in the overall analytic workflow
  • The brewlytics Framework consists of hundreds of functionals that analysts can mix-and-match as they see fit
  • New Functionals can be added to the Framework with ease

A Functional can represent a….

  • Database Query
  • Conversion
  • Calculation
  • Data Manipulation
  • Visualization

Why brewlytics?

Manual Approach

Performing manual data retrieval and manipulation the data to answer an intelligence question

Query Data

1. Query datasource(s) from GUI


2. Display the data in visualization tool (Excel, Google Earth, ArcGIS)


3. Manipulate the data to discern the information that was needed


4. Perform follow-on queries if needed (Repeat Step 1-3)

Compile Data

5. Compile data

Build Final Product

6. Build final product

brewlytics Approach

Building your own analytics from a toolbox of general-purpose components

Automated Approach

  • Create Analytic Models
  • Map out manual workflow into a repeatable process
  • Reuse, share, and modify existing models


  • Faster Answers

  • Leverage Powerful Functionals

  • Ask More Complex Questions

Analytic Modeling

Get Started Today

Sign up for a free brewlytics trial and sample some of our community datasets. With brewlytics we empower the analyst to build custom data analytic workflows. See how brewlytics can fit into your organization by automating repetitive data analysis tasks and procedures.

With our free trial you will have access to a community brewlytics instance where you can learn the fundamentals of the platform. As you connect one functional to the next you will discover just how easy it is to build and automate your workflow. At the end of the trial you can request to meet with the brewlytics team to discuss integration into your organization.

Engineered brewlytics


Mix up Your

Your success relies on answering questions — some simple and some complex.

Answering these questions requires blending data from disparate sources. You need a platform that affords you both flexibility and power.

Take Control of Your

Stop spending your time querying, manipulating, and cleaning data. Spend it analyzing instead!

Quickly adapt and evolve your data processing workflows to tackle new and emerging questions in real time – no coding necessary!

Build Visualizations
That Impact

Your data has a story to tell.
Let brewlytics help you tell it!

Convey your findings to decision makers with clarity and influence! Create custom, stunning visual dashboards with drag and drop ease using brewlytics’ App Builder. Each workflow comes with a customizable dashboard, allowing you to turn your analytics into an easy-to-use Web application.