brewlytics Certification

Earn your brewlytics certificates through NASK. Our courses provide the training needed to amplify and optimize your analytic capabilities using our brewlytics platform.


NASK Certified brewlytics Workflow Builder

  • Focused on learning brewlytics and its capabilities.
  • Touches on Data Science.
  • A certified workflow builder is a user that knows how to use all the capabilities of the brewlytics platform.

NASK Advanced Certified brewlytics Workflow Builder (brewMaster)

  • Focused on using brewlytics as a data scientist/analyst. Students are expected to be fully versed in using the tool.
  • Course work will concentrate on analytic/data science problem solving.
  • Problems will force the student to exercise and demonstrate analytic skills using the brewlytics suite.
  • Certification exam is hands on – working with instructors in the Apprentice/Journeyman style.

Certification Information

The NASK brewlytics certifications will set you apart from other competitors. NASK is known for its creation of JEMA and brewlytics and has SMEs that know the system inside and out. Given our continued Agile development of brewlytics, we understand *all* of the features that brewlytics provides.

Our courses are designed with plenty of hands-on, practical exercises. Our instructors not only teach users how to use brewlytics (i.e. the buttons), but also go into the art of building analytic models within brewlytics. Both certification courses allow users to accomplish practical brewlytics workflow exercises which will prep them for a position as a data modeler. 4 day courses provides time to go over more advanced brewlytics features such as error-handling, conditional logic, building optimal sub-workflows, using the iterator, leveraging the Task Scheduler, getting the most out of brewDB, and exploring advanced functionals such as Python and SQL.

Provided continued use of brewlytics, the certification will not expire. If the certified individual does not have substantial use over a period of 18 consecutive months, the certification will then expire.


Robert (Bobby) Meunier, an expert with brewlytics, has worked 7 years as a trainer for analytic workflow automation software and operational analytics integration. He has worked as an intelligence analyst for over 16 years.

You can contact him with questions regarding the brewlytics certification process at his email:

Training Facility

The courses are held in person at our NASK Fairfax, Va. facility. Each course consists of 4 days of classroom work and a certification examination. Students are required to bring a laptop.